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In-Home Rental

Spokane Pinball Company is excited to bring the world of commercial pinball into your living room without the high cost of ownership. 

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Hosted Pinball Events

Need a team-building event for your business? How about a cool and interesting birthday or anniversary? We can provide an on-site pinball party complete with multiple machines, instruction on understanding the rules of pinball, and a complete college sports style bracketed tournament experience.

Pinball for your Business

You have a business and you'd like to find out how to make pinball make money for you. We're here to help. While our primary goal is to "bring pinball to the people" so to speak, we have the resources and connections to make pinball work for YOU.


Diamond Rentals

The Big Lebowski

2 month minimum
Next availability: JAN 2022

Where's the money Lebowski?!? This is one of the rarest pinball machines on the planet and you can rent it. Not a fan of The Big Lebowski? Well...that's just, like, your opinion, man. Featuring two bash toys (rug and car), a light up white russian, under-playfield bowling alley, and a theme that oozes cool. This rental is not for everyone, but those that do rent it, find this pin really ties the room together.


Rick And Morty

2 month minimum

It's Rick and Morty for 1000 years. Just Rick and Morty and this pinball machine. Released by Spooky Pinball, this is 1 of 750 machines ever made. Rent it today and experience all the joys and frustrations of the Rick and Morty universe jammed under the glass!


Platinum Rentals

2 month minimum


Stranger Things Premium w/UV Kit

Next Availability: November 2021

Help El', Mike and the gang take on the "Upside Down" and defeat the Demagorgon! This pin features a projected target system that casts an animated video lightshow across multiple targets and a movie screen/ramp feature that is must be seen to believe. Additional UV kit has been added as well as Stern Invisiglass to make this machine really special. Dark rooms are suggested for this pin to really shine.


Black Knight: Sword of Rage Premium

Next Availability: February 2022

Can you defeat the Black Knight? He certainly doesn't think so. [Black Knight yells in the background] "Tell them they're weak!" 

Featuring an upper playfield with three ball lock, Black Knight pummel feature, and tons of personality this table commands your attention! Including a shaker motor to add to the action and side art blades to enhance the visual design. 


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Premium

Next Availability: NOW

Leo, Raph, Mike, Don and the gang are back! They're the world's most fearsome fighting team...and if you're ready to take on Shredder, Kraang, Rocksteady and Bebop we've got the machine to help you on your mission. Multiple play modes make this a party pleaser allowing for 2v2, 1v3 tournament modes and more. Get your reservation in because this machine books up quickly!

Avengers: Infinity Quest Premium

Next Availability: December 2021

Avengers, assemble! This comic book inspired table is quickly becoming an crowd favorite. Another in a long line of successful Keith Elwin tables, this premium machine features a modeled infinity gauntlet, anti-gravity wire form ramp shot and pop up spinner with ball subway. Defeat Thanos! Save the planet!

Metallica Premium

Available NOW

Ride the lightning with this fast-playing tribute to one of the baddest rock bands around. This table features a shaker motor, "lightning rod" LED flashers and skull covers over the speakers for that extra menace.

Batman '66 Premium

Next Availability: December 2021

Holy pinballs Batman! Help tv's Batman and side kick Boy Wonder fist fight their way through all the beloved TV characters from the 60's. Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin are all here, and even a few minor enemies, too!


Gold Rentals

2 month minimum

Led Zeppelin Pro w/Lighting Kit

Available NOW!

If you're a Led Zeppelin fan, this machine has to be on your list. Fitted with the Expression lighting kit, this machine is a feast for the eyes and ears. Super fast and built to "flow", you'll have a whole lotta love for this one, when your rental is over!

Spiderman Vault Limited Edition

Available NOW!

You're already singing the Spiderman song in your head so I don't even have to tell you how much fun this game is. Loaded to the hilt with mods including a Color DMD. This machine will have you coming back for more. Defeat classic villains like Sandman, Doc Oc, Venom, and Electro!

Godzilla Pro


The newest game from Keith Elwin is going to be landing in Spokane soon. Based off the original Toho Japan movies, this beast of a machine is ready to bring down the house!

The Twilight Zone

Available February 2022

One of the most iconic tables of the 90's era of pins, reconditioned to play like new. Unlock this door with the key of imagination. Rent the Twilight Zone today!



Silver Rentals

2 month minimum

The Walking Dead Pro

Help Rick and the gang survive the horrors of the zombie apocalypse...with pinball! One of Stern's most beloved modern pins is now available for rental!

Available NOW!

Star Trek Pro

Available NOW!

Punch it! This fast-paced game based on the modern Star Trek movie franchise is out-of-this-world fun! A hit with everyone that plays it, this game channels the spirit of the original Williams "Next Generation" pin, in a much faster, slicker package.

Big Buck Hunter

Available Jan 2022

Hunt all manner of wild animals including the elusive BIG BUCK in this hard-to-find pinball machine made by Stern in 2010. Put your silverball skills to the test and see what kind of Big Buck Hunter you can become!

Fish Tales

Next Availability: November 2021

RRRIIIIINNNG!!!! GONE FISIN... LEAVE A MESSAGE! This classic Williams table is now available for rent. How big of a whopper will you catch or will it be all lies? A terrific three-ball multiball and fantastic center "boat" feature that delivers the ball to the left or right flipper depending on the ramp you take. Get all your fishing fun in your home arcade for just $150 a month.

Ripley's: Believe It Or Not!

Unlock the mysteries of the world with the fun and fast paced pinball machine. Packed with toys and lights, this is a machine that always pleases.

Available December 2021

Indiana Jones (STERN, 2008)

Next Availability: December 2021

It belongs in a museum! Seriously though, this machine is often over-shadowed by the older, Williams pin (Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure) but this machine has lots to offer including 8 ball multi-ball and gameplay that spans the entire movie arch. Any fan of Indiana Jones will thrill at the small details and fast gameplay action of this table.

The Shadow

Available December 2021

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! This incredible machine has innovative dagger ramps that you control allowing for precise ball placement. Based on the not-so-classic movie The Shadow (Why do bad movies make the best pins? Maybe the Shadow knows!) this pin is hard to find in good working condition and this one plays great!


Black and White Star in Circle

Judge Dredd

Next Availability: Jan 2021

Help Judge Dredd battle Deadworld in this widebody pin that features "SUPERGAME" a wild souped up version mode that starts with 2 ball multiball with an opportunity to begin 6 ball multiball just by dropping the "JUDGE" targets on the playfield. An underappreciated gem, this machine is complex, challenging and FUN!


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Available NOW!

Ready to take on the Borg and other hostile alien ships? This classic Williams widebody has been forever at the top of classic pinball "best of" lists. Now you can try it in your home! (NOT AVAILABLE IF MORE THAN TWO STAIRS ARE REQUIRED FOR THE MOVE IN/MOVE OUT. CALL FOR MORE INFO.)

No Fear

Available January 2022

Get radical and super extreme in this 90's fever dream of a pinball machine. All the extreme sports are here: Skydiving, Rock Climbing, Waterskiing, Motorcross and more. Don't forget the flaming skull head in the center of the table telling you what to do. Like hearing the machine say super edgy stuff? SECOND PLACE IS THE FIRST LOSER! This table's for you!


Bronze Rentals

2 month minimum

 Taxi (Marilyn edition)

Next Availability NOW

HEY TAXI! Pick up fares from Dracula, Pinbot, Gorbie, Marilyn, and Santa, collect tips and win that progressive jackpot! A very popular pinball table from 1988, this pin features 2 ball multiball, a fun soundtrack and very satisfying shots.


Available February 2022

It's Coney Island and there's lots of rides to hit! Take a spin on the Cyclone or Comet, perhaps ride the ferris wheel or visit Dracula! Classic Williams gameplay in one of the last non-multiball tables made.


Available NOW!

Sink the Deez! This is one of Gotlieb System 3's more popular titles. Load the balls onto the freighter, then sink the ship for a fast and fun multiball. Bonus you get to look at Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper on the back glass. What a bargain!

Operation: Thunder

Available NOW!

Take flight in your jet fighter (pinball) and follow bases commands to lead you and your wingman to victory! This rare Gotlieb game is one very few have played. With quick mechanics and a game that requires precision play, but rewards the players with big point payoffs if you can hit your targets.

Torpedo Alley

Available NOW!

AY AY Captain! Set sail on this submarine to sink your enemy's naval armada and become victorious. This rare game is a blast to play and a sure conversation starter for pin heads and casual players alike.



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