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Moving Service

Need a machine moved from A to B? Purchased a pin but don't have the right equipment to make the move safely? Hate moving 300+ pound machines up and down stairs? Let Spokane Pinball Company do the work for you. 

The pricing below is typical of a single machine. Multiple machines will require a quotation but price breaks are available for quantity.

$100 + .65 cents per mile between delivery points.

$25 per flight of stairs per machine.

Additional mileage charges will apply if the pickup area is outside of the Spokane region.  Service is offered to Western Montana, Idaho, Eastern WA, and Eastern Oregon.

Maintenance Service

Does your pinball table need some love but you don't know where to begin? I am happy to inspect and diagnose most modern era pinball machines. From board repair, coil maintenance to general cleanup, and of course waxing, Spokane Pinball Company and our partners can get your pinball machine back to its former glory.

$100 diagnostic visit + mileage (if outside of Spokane) is typical. Then, I can give you our best appraisal of what work needs to be done and if I am the best person for the job. I will never take on a project I'm not comfortable doing, but I know great people who can do the work and get you back to flipping.

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